Everyone has problems with calculating a dart out sequence, even the pros can get stumped once and a while. The last thing you want is to be distracted by having to do math while on the line. For most darters a single three, double twenty is a tough combination because you are traveling a long distance on the board to close it out. So what do you do? You can start thinking outs and do the math backwards but that gets complicated real fast.

A great trick is to subtract 89, 97 and from your out number. So, back to your hot streak and the out. Subtract 97 and you have 6 left. Subtract 89 and you get a Now you have a combination of numbers with a higher success rate in triple 19, single 14 and a double Did this article answer your question?

If not, click here for a quick email answer. Click here for an article about stopping bounce outs. Or check out the Dart Strategies section for more tips and additional information. Buy Dart Board s. How to play darts. How to play Cricket darts How to play darts How to play darts How to play darts How to play Shanghai Other great dart games.

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Shoot consistently Get in the zone Minimize nerves Get out of a slump Choose the right dart Memorize your outs Stop bounce outs. Cricket dart strategies dart strategies dart strategies dart strategies.

The history of darts Minimize the effects of Dartitis How to hang a dartboard Dart equipment options How to be a dart scorekeeper.

Humphrey Click here for the answer. Click here to learn about different techniques for aiming your darts. Or check out the Performance Tips section for additional information on the game of darts. Great deals on dart supplies, click here. Memorize your out numbers. Nice Darts Sponsors Comments. E-Mail A Friend. Print this article.Probably one of the most popular searching on the internet to do with darts!

Checkout Charts! Any professional will tell you it is essential to know dart combination checkouts and to commit them to memory, however, most need a starting point and here is one you can download for FREE to help you get started.

There are many ways to finish and some players like a certain part of the dartboard than others. It seems if you are right-handed throwing slightly down to a double, such as double 16 might be more preferable than throwing for double Every player is different and all the doubles are the same size except for one and that is the inner bullseye.

dart checkouts

However, any seasoned dart player will tell you that the combinations they go for sometimes depends on the game situation. When not forced to go for a high combination i. Darts can be a fun way to learn basic arithmetic. The combination of multiplication, addition and subtraction are very important in the game. You will never see a professional reaching to their pocket for a combination shot and the rules dictate the scorer or referee are not allowed to tell you how to finish a game.

However, you can ask them at any point during your throw what you might have scored or how much is remaining. Professional referees will announce, prior to the players throw, a required amount.

That is if the amount required can be achieved in a three-dart combination or less. Print - Darts Checkout Chart. The print button will make a BW version of the table below. If you would like a better colour version you can download the PDF. See link below the table.

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If you are looking for a checkout chart with a bit more colour to place in your club or bar the I have produced a PDF version that you can download and print. Obliviously this one will take a little more ink to print so why not laminate it so it will last longer. Many people when first starting to play darts find it difficult to remember combination checkouts.

Some combinations are better than others purely because if you miss the first shot you may still be in line for an easy single then double to finish. But knowing how and why can make the difference of winning or losing. This again can depend on what is the best three dart finish or two dart finish! Scholars of the board may give different opinions and their preferred combination route. To get you started here is an example showing a couple of options facing a dart-thrower.

dart checkouts

To win you need 77 and must finish on a double! But what if you hit a single 15? This leaves you with 62, - Single 12 Bull?Let's say you're right in the middle of a game of darts.

Be itoryou need to know one thing—how do you get down to zero and win the game? You may well have brushed up on how to get the best out of a game ofbut it helps if you've got it in your head how you're going to get down to the finish. Watch the pros on TV in the biggest tournaments in the world. They know what part of the dartboard they have to hit without even thinking, and with our help, you will too!

We're starting off with the big checkouts, from the maximum checkout ofdown to Before we begin, a quick note; there are multiple ways to do many of these checkouts, particularly the lower ones. This is simply the most common way of doing them i.

With the higher ranked finishes, there are several numbers which are mathematically impossible to hit in three numbers. Those numbers—, and —are what are referred to as bogey numbers.

If you can hit this you're on the way to being a serious player. It's only achieved one way: T20 hereon referred to as TT20 and the bulls-eye. Of all the high finishes this is considered one of the easiest due to all the numbers involved being on the same part of the board. These are not a favorite of the pros, as it involves a big change in where you're aiming. Try to avoid this one if possible. With double 18 being one of the favorite doubles that pros use, this is a popular checkout.

This is definitely one to avoid, as double 19 is not a nice double to aim for at the bottom of the board. Try to avoid it if you can.

This one has you aiming all over the board again, so try to avoid it. As with theit leaves a very popular double in double What's important is to know where to go on the board as quickly as possible, so you can keep your rhythm. From here, we'll work our way down toward the two-figure checkouts, and then we can explore you set up for the single dart checkouts afterward. Aaron Bower. Aaron Bower is a sports writer and a darts expert.

He is credited with contributing to darts' surge in popularity in the United Kingdom between and Updated April 07, Keep practicing!Wie kommen die Profis zum Sieg?

Welche Checkouts bieten sich beim Dartspielen am meisten an, um den Satz schnell zu beenden? Je ausgeglichener ein Duell jedoch ist, desto entscheidender wird die Taktik der einzelnen Spieler.

Auch wenn Dart auf den ersten Blick wie eine Sportart wirkt, bei der Taktik eine untergeordnete Rolle spielt, gibt es viele Dinge, auf die man beim Herunterspielen seiner Punkte achten sollte. Die richtige Taktik kann am Ende entscheiden, ob man bei einer Aufnahme einen Dart auf ein Doublefeld bekommt oder nicht.

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In engen Spielen ist das oft spielentscheidend. Trifft man mit seinem ersten Wurf allerdings nicht die T20, sondern nur die S20, so hat man Punkte rest. Diese kann man mit 2 Darts nicht finishen.

dart checkouts

Beginnt man bei Punkt Rest stattdessen mit der T19, so hat man, wenn man nur die S19 trifft Punkte Rest, welche man mit T18 D25 noch finishen kann. Trifft man allerdings nur die S10 hat man 56 Punkte rest, welche man nicht mehr finishen kann. Wirf man allerdings auf die D20 und trifft die S20, so kann man direkt danach auf die D10 werfen.

Hat man eine Zahl zwischen 2 und 40 Rest, so hat man entweder bereits ein Finish sofern die Zahl gerade ist oder kann sich mit dem Treffen eines Single Feldes ein Finish stellen. Hat man eine Zahl zwischen 41 und 60 Rest, so kann man sich mit nur einem Dart ein Finish stellen. Bei allen Zahlen in diesem Bereich ist es von entscheidender Bedeutung ob man noch 2 oder 3 Dart Rest hat. In der Ersten Zeile steht jeweils wie man optimal finisht. In der zweiten Zeile wie man finisht, falls der erste Dart das Triple verfehlt.

Aber nur dieser Weg garantiert euch unter 61 Rest nach dem ersten Dart. Der einzige Weg, der ein normales nicht Bull Double garantiert.

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Da man ohnehin keinen Wurf auf ein Double bekommt, wenn man mit dem ersten Dart kein Triple trifft, kann man bei 2 Dart Rest diesen Weg gehen. In diesem Bereich kann man mit einem Triple und einem Double finishen. Hat man mit dem ersten Dart nur das Single getroffen, hat man eine Zahl zwischen 61 und 70 Rest. Wer auf die D25 nicht so stark ist oder bei nur 2 Dart Rest, sollte einen der anderen beiden Wege spielen. Nur so bekommt ihr bei 3 Dart sicher einen Dart auf ein Double.

In der ersten Spalte steht der Weg, den man versucht zu spielen In der zweiten wie man vorgeht, wenn man mit dem ersten Dart nur ein Single trifft. In der ersten Spalte steht der Weg, den man versucht zu spielen. In der zweiten wie man vorgeht, wenn man mit dem ersten Dart nur ein Single trifft. Dieser Weg ist der sicherste, da beide benachbarten Triple 3 und 7 ebenfalls ein 2 Dart Finish lassen.

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Viele Spieler bevorzugen es zwei mal auf die gleiche Zahl zu werfen, weshalb der zweite Weg einen Vorteil bietet.

Die einzige Zahl in diesem Bereich, die nicht mit einem Triple, einem Single und einem Double gefinisht werden kann. Das sogenannte Shanghai-Finish kann mit Triple, Single und Double 20 gefinisht werden, wobei die Reihenfolge der ersten beiden Darts egal ist. In der zweiten Spalte steht der Weg, den man spielen kann, nachdem man mit dem ersten Dart sein Ziel verfehlt.

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Dart Checkouts

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dart checkouts

Learn More. Join Now. Start an Online Singles League! Sign-Up Now. Fan of the Darts? Watch the Pros Like Never Before! Get the Scoring App the Pros Use! Upcoming Events. We are extremely proud to present our all new Global Ambassador Program!This article is meant to be an introduction to dart finish tables or checkout charts, whichever jargon you prefer.

They basically tell you which numbers to hit on the dartboard to get a double out at any score starting from down to 2.

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Checkout charts are important to learn because x01 games are the games mostly played at tournaments so if you want to take darts seriously and be competitive at the tournament level, you have to know them. Counting means being able to make calculations in your head.

You must be able to keep track of your score in your head and perform calculations to figure out which numbers you need to hit. The first step to this is being able to convert the singular values on the dartboard to their multiplied counterparts, this will make your mental calculations easier, for example 3 times the treble 19 is I first break down the 19 into two parts, 10 and 9, 10 x 3 is 30 plus 9 x 3, 27 is equal to Counting is the fundamentals to dart out charts.

These are fairly simple outs you can use to practice to familiarize yourself with the whole finishing process. I tried to list the easiest out shot at each score. What is to be noted is that you do have options when you get to certain shots. For example the out listed for 14 is D7 but lets say you are better at hitting the D4 or D2,you can aim for either the S6 or S10 to leave you with the outshot more preferential to you. For example, with 17 remaining, you can finish with S1 and D8, but there is also the option to hit S13 and finish with D2.

Once you have a concrete understanding of the basics, i. Sweet 16 out shots bring a higher level of difficulty to the game, for the madhouse to tops out shots you had single dart finishes, for sweet 16 out shots, all require a double dart finish. For example 60 out shot requires a S20, D20 finish. This requires some amount of skill. Sweet 16 outs serve as a sort of building block for madhouse outs. As always there are a lot more options than just the outs provided in the table, with sweet 16 outs you have options on 42, 44, 46, 48, 51 and For example with 42 remaining, the preferred out is S10, D16 but you can choose to aim for the S6, and still have a D18 out.

I personally prefer the D20, the D18 have never been my strong point but it could work for you, give it a try and see. At this point you can start considering yourself a master of the dart finish tables, if you master quick finishes you will now be able to finish a game in one turn, T17, DBULL, with one dart to spare!

Welcome to Checkout Mind - Memorize all checkouts with a fun app!

The quick finishes give a lot of options for finishes on each number, you got multiple outs for 63, 64, 66, 72, 77, 80, 82, 90, 91 93, 94, 95, you have a lot of wiggle room to tweak the outs to what you prefer.

For the 64 out you can start with either T16, or T8, if you hit the T16 you have are left with a D8 out. T8 leaves you with the familiar D20 out, weigh your options. For numbers like 82, 90, 91, etc you can start out with a DBull, if you hit it hit another one and your left with a D16 finish as in the case of Make it fun for yourself, challenge yourself. See what works best for you. Finally what you have been waiting for, the final leg, the head honcho, the big boss, the last dart finish tables, the show-out finishes!

Personally if you are hitting these on a consistent basis my hats off to you, you have passed me, congratulations you have made it, you can now compete at the highest level.

Show-out finishes put you on the highest level.A bogey number is a score than can not be taken out in the same number of darts that a higher score can be taken out. We learn these numbers so we can give ourselves the opportunity to land on the higher number that gives us a chance to win the leg in the fewest number of darts rather than the lower number that will require an additional visit to the oche.

Better to throw at treble 19 and let the single leave you onwhich you can take out in style on your next visit. Instead, throw a double bull to leave But those seven are not the only bogey numbers. There are actually 77 numbers that can be considered a bogey, depending on how many darts you have in hand. That makes 99 a two dart bogey number.

Darts Checkouts

But wait, there are more! That would be plus another treble These are the four dart bogey numbers:, How do you use this information? Simple, right? As you can see, each additional dart available increases the bogey numbers by Since can be finished in five darts and can not, that makes a five dart bogey number. Because you can take out in six darts but notis a six dart bogey number. Throw at treble If you hit treble 20 you return to If you hit treble 19 you return to I think is a better number anyway, but either way it will take you at least six more darts to finish.

Hitting a single 19 with that last dart has you returning to which can be taken out with rounds of and Are you going to hit it? Probably not. But the chance of you taking out with six darts is exactly zero. Leave yourself the possibility of something great happening. As for the higher bogey numbers, I include them mostly for completeness. I had to work to find a situation where you could land on one.

Your first visit you throw a single 20 and two single ones, leaving The first dart of your next turn is a single 20 leaving you onwhich is an 8 dart bogey. What does that mean? Bogey number. The 12 darter was gone the moment you hit the single Avoid even the highest bogey numbers and give yourself the chance to win in the fewest darts possible.

Darts Checkout Assistant. Welcome Darters! The Bogey Numbers. Everyone knows the bogey numbers, right?